Welcome to Cody Country Outfitters and Guides Association

Welcome to Cody Country Outfitters and Guides Association

Welcome to Cody Country Outfitters and Guides AssociationWelcome to Cody Country Outfitters and Guides AssociationWelcome to Cody Country Outfitters and Guides Association

About Us


What is CCOGA?

Cody Country Outfitters & Guides Association was created in the 1950’s by a group of area Outfitters with a common goal to provide quality outdoor experiences, promote great outdoor opportunities while protecting the resources of Cody, Wyoming. That tradition continues today with Outfitters who are proud of their heritage and proud to be Outfitters in this beautiful area we call Cody Country.


Outfitting is our heritage...

 Cody Country Outfitters & Guides Association has made preservation of our lands and wildlife conservation top priorities. We are doing our part to protect natural resources for future generations. Cody Country is one of the last strong holds for wilderness horseback outfitters. Despite our unique and fading culture, we feel our members are some of the finest back-country outfitters in America.   Outfitting has been a thriving industry in Cody and accounts for millions of dollars in revenue for Cody and surrounding communities.  


What we have to offer...

 Cody Country Outfitters are proud to be at the forefront of our tourism economy providing quality trips and vacations to people from all over the world. Our industry dates back to Buffalo Bill Cody who was one of the first to offer camping and hunting opportunities. The demand is even greater today with so many vacationers coming to the area to visit Yellowstone National Park and surrounding attractions. We can accommodate all your interests whether they are hunting,fishing, camping, pack trips, trail rides, or guest and dude ranches. 



 Cody Country Outfitters & Guides Association members offer a variety of hunting trips and styles in the Shoshone & Bridger Teton National Forest. We have pack-in horseback hunts, day hunts from the comfort of a lodge or ranch, or 4 wheel drive hunts. Some of the top trophies taken in the hunting world are coming from Cody Country. With an abundance of elk, deer, sheep, moose, antelope, mountain goat, mountain lion, black bear and wolves, we are sure to find you a memorable hunting experience. 


Pack Trips & Trail Rides

 Vacationers have been coming to the Cody area for many years to take in the sights and scenery of the area. One of the best ways to take in our awe inspiring scenery is on the back of a horse or mule. We offer extended remote camping trips through wilderness areas. Catch a glimpse of the pioneering spirit of famous Buffalo Bill Cody, John Colter, Lewis & Clark, Jim Bridger and others by reserving your dates now. 



 Our members offer trips throughout the Shoshone and Bridger Teton National forests as well as Yellowstone National Park. We can accommodate all your horse back and camping needs. The mountain streams, rivers and lakes offer our guests world-class fly fishing for a variety of native trout. Try an extended trip or day fishing in Cody Country with your family or friends and create some of the most exciting memories of a lifetime.